Championship Predictions 2017-2018

The new season will be starting again in August. We will run the prediction league again but it would be good if someone could help run the league.

The system is now fully setup and could benefit with someone helping to enter scores and press the 'Calculate Scores' button after each game.

Entries are free, but we are accepting donations of £5.00, send in your suggestion what we do with the money, we will also make a donation to Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters' Club (DADSC). Only those who have made this donation will be eligible for prizes.

Squealadeal are offering the following prizes:
1st. Season ticket for following season, or for expats, 1 year subscription to Pars TV plus cash to make up the value of the main prize.
2nd. £100
3rd. £50

Monthly prize for top 4 monthly scores - Squealadeal have 4 Ozzy's pizzas to give away. You can claim them or give them to a deserving soul.

Squealadeal will add a few surprise on the spot prizes during the term.

Winners for season 2016-2017

The winners for the Championship 2016-2017 have been announced. details below. It was pretty tight at the end with the winning team and player having an impact on the outcome. Prizes to be handed out at the Open Day. - More...

Online Predictions

Its easy to register and enter your predictions for each game in a specific competition.

Your Scores can be entered (or amended) until minutes before a game actually starts and your points tally will be automatically updated at the end of each game (when we enter the result for that game).

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