European Championships 2021

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Prediction League 2020-2021

The Scottish Championship 2020-2021 season is now upon us, it`s been an unusual summer. are going to raise money for the DADSC 1st Floor Access Project at East End Park. The competition is free but we welcome a donation of £5.00. Squealadeal prizes will be for anybody that has entered and submitted their team name as ``. If you are setting up for your own office or group you should arrange your own prizes. (no monthly points for this competition)

Squealadeal will once again will be sponsoring the competition for users. First Prize. 1st prize will once again be a season ticket at DAFC, (sponsored by Squealadeal). Unfortunately due to circumstances, related to the pandemic, we are unable to offer a second season ticket, we hope you understand. only payments:
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Online Predictions

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