Rules and Scoring

The following calculations for points will be used (at end of 90 minutes including any extra time):
  • 5 points for correct score, or
  • 2 point if you predict the correct team to win,
  • 1 bonus point if you predict one of the correct scores, or
  • 2 points if you predict a draw (but not correct score)
10 points bonus points for identifying the winning team (in the `winner` box at the bottom).
10 points bonus points for identifying the top goal scorer (you will get the points if there are joint top goal scorers)

In the event of a tie on points, a tie-break will determine the prize winner(s) where necessary. This will be announced later.

We sometimes will have monthly prize for highest points won that month, only those that have made a donation will be entitled to a monthly prize (for season 2018-2019 we have yet to decide if we have monthly prizes). End of season prizes provided by Squealadeal will for the overall winners . More details to follow

The Editor of will be the judge of the competition and his decision on any matter concerning the Rules shall be final.