SPFL Championship 2016-2017

With the success of the Euro 2016 predictions we are now continuing to the next competition and again we are going to raise money for the DADSC Lift project at East End Park. The competition is free but we welcome a donation of £5.00. Squealadeal prizes will be for anybody that has entered, spot monthly prizes will be available for those who have made a donation.

Squealadeal will once again will be sponsoring the competition. Prizes will include a DAFC Season Ticket, cash prizes and a monthly prize (details to be finalised) This is a season long competition so you need to have your wits about you until May 2017 :o) More details and further rules to follow.
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EURO 2016

DAFC.net prediction league for the EURO JUNE 2016 was a great success and kept a few people interested throughout.

Thank you everybody for entering the Euro 2016 Predictions.

The Official results are now out, it was pretty tight right up to the very end:

1. Jamie Duncan, Singapore with 99 points

2. John Simpson, 98 points

3. Steve McGrouther 97 points.

the prizes are:

1. Pars new season top

2. Pars training top

3. £20 voucher DAFC Shop OR DASC Shop (thanks to Squealadeal for sponsoring this)

If the winners could get back to me to know the size they want I will try and get them to you as soon as possible.

It seems likely that we will use the same format for the Squealadeal Prediction League for season 2016-2017 so please check back.
thanks again for your saupport and the £120 that went to the DADSC. regards Brian

Online Predictions

Its easy to register and enter your predictions for each game in a specific competition.

Your Scores can be entered (or amended) until minutes before a game actually starts and your points tally will be automatically updated at the end of each game (when we enter the result for that game).

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