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Have fun trying to predict the final scores in Euro football tournament matches that kick off on Friday 11th June. This is pure guesswork and experience from previous tournaments suggests that results can surprise even the most informed pundits. So please give it a go and compete with others in our league table. Should you be in the top three you will win a cash prize.

This Rotary Club of West Fife fund-raiser uses the Football Prediction platform which has been used by for some years. A new section has been set up especially as a Rotary Club fundraiser.

Should you not wish to take part in the Football Predictions League, you can still use the PayPal button to donate to support our local and international causes.

Rotary Club of West Fife Fixtures/Scores

Further details are provided on the website linked above. Firstly you must register as a user but that is a very straightforward task. Once you are registered, please use the PayPal button to donate the entry fee of £10. Then you will be able to participate, review and amend your entries right up until just before each match kicks off.

Regular updates will be sent out to keep you abreast with how our entrants are doing and what is happening with the leaderboard.

Please click Rotary Club of West Fife Fixtures/Scores and get involved.
Your action is required before Friday 11th June.

Tip: If you are worried about entering every day ahead of kick off, you can predict all the scores on entry and then revisit them and amend before kick off as required.