Prediction League Rules

We don`t have many rules and conditions as we are trying to keep things simple. The organiser’s decision is final.

The following calculations for points will be used (at end of 90 minutes including any extra time*):
-- 5 points for correct score, or
-- 2 point if you predict the correct team to win,
-- 1 bonus point if you predict one of the correct scores, or
-- 2 points if you predict a draw (but not correct score)

DAFCnet and others: 10 bonus points for identifying the tournament’s winning team and 10 points for naming the competition Top Scorer.

In the event of a tie on points, a tie-break will determine the prize winner(s) where necessary. The tie breaker will award the win to the entrant with the most perfect 5 scores for the correct results during the season* *. Any prizes offered will only be to someone who has donated. prizes cinch Championship for
Everyone who has paid a donation to DADSC will be eligible.
Everyone eligible will have the chance of winning the main prize in the predictions league, a season ticket at KDM Group EEP.

Prediction Deadlines:
You can enter or amend the scores right up until kick off for a match.
You will be prevented from updating scores once a match has kicked-off.

Any unauthorised amendments will mean an immediate expulsion from the league.

The words "extra time" are specified above we will update scores to include Extra Time scores.
Any penalty shoot out will not be included.