This section is intended to answer any questions you may have about our web site.

I can`t login or register to the site
Ensure that you have cookies enabled, (set in Internet Options). Cookies are not dangerous, they just place a marker letting the web site know who you are. When you logout, the cookie is deleted so that other people cannot then login. Once you login you will see your email shown on the top right hand side of the browser. If you have any problems then email the webmaster on the Contact Us page

Click on the competition name for more details and to allow you to add your scores. The Green tick means the competition has started and you can join and enter your predicted results, and the Red Cross means the competition is finished.

Please ensure that you have entered a Team name, that will allow you to see how you do against your mates. You can update your Team name in the `Score Entry` section.

The link you emailed me does not work
If you are using AOL, please copy the link into your web browser address bar and try again.